The Most Advanced Way to Pay—Simplified.

BlocPal is proud to announce the first ‘multi-currency’ blockchain infrastructure, using proprietary technology designed to simplify and secure crypto and local currency payment processing. Our multifaceted e-wallet and platform create an ecosystem that focuses on security, transparency and speed, and which will soon become the standard for cryptocurrency payments.

Paying for your morning cup o’ Joe

Storing multiple digital currencies in one wallet.

Accepting crypto at your bookstore.

P2P Crypto and International currency transfers

Paying your household utility bills

Withdrawing your crypto into local currency

Pay With BlocPal

BlocPal is made for effortless, everyday payments and transactions. What does that mean? It means the bill at dinner, your groceries and utilities, even your morning paper—all paid however you want with no fees. Put simply, it’s time to leave your leather wallet at home.

  • All-in-One

    Deposit, store, spend, and send all of your digital funds on one single blockchain solution. It’s the only wallet you’ll ever need.

  • Every Major Coin

    Use Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin—with more on the way.

  • More Ways To Pay

    Pay for all of your activities, even your monthly utility bills, in crypto and fiat, or withdraw your funds into local currency right to your bank!

  • Complete Security

    Double-encrypted private keys and black box storage keep your crypto safe.

Sell With BlocPal

If you haven’t made the crossover on accepting cryptocurrency yet in your business, you just lost any excuses. The BlocPal blockchain lets you instantly receive funds from every transaction, both brick-and-mortar and online, and with minimal fees you get to keep even more of it. How fast is instant? Done.

  • Instant Payments

    Real-time authorizations mean faster transaction times, keeping your customers moving on with their day

  • Seamless Point-of-Sale Solution

    BlocPal enables you to generate invoices in Fiat and receive the equivalent in Crypto. Got an ecommerce store? No problem, we’ve got plugins for all major platforms.

  • Guaranteed Settlements

    All BlocPal transactions are guaranteed to be recorded on BlocPal’s public blockchain ledger – nothing is missed.

  • Low Fees

    You’ll pay lower fees than other payment solutions, and that’s money back in your pocket.


Contact BlocPal

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