One of the biggest obstacles holding cryptocurrency back from being used in contemporary society is accessibility. While more businesses are beginning to accept currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum as payment methods, using cryptocurrency to buy real-world items has yet to gain widespread support. What’s more, due to the innovative and unique nature of blockchain and cryptocurrency, many people are unsure of how it works. As a result, they remain skeptical and, more often than not, avoid using it completely.

Demystifying cryptocurrency with BlocPal

At the moment, cryptocurrency is part of an exclusive club. Only people who’ve had experience trading, investing, or working with decentralized applications are using cryptocurrency in their day-to-day lives. Everyone else is, for the most part, wary of the lawless image associated with cryptocurrency or they don’t know how to use it.
That’s where BlocPal comes in.

Designed to make crypto usage safe and easy, BlocPal is one of the easiest ways to introduce newbies to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. With BlocPal, you can:

    • Send and receive funds instantly with the push of a button, making it easy to deposit and withdraw funds directly from your bank account.
    • Exchange between cryptocurrency and fiat money. At the moment, BlocPal supports USD and CAD, as well as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin. And this is just the start!
    • Use BlocPal as a real-world payment processing solution, enabling you to use cryptocurrency to do everything from buying a cup of coffee to paying your monthly rent.
    • Buy, sell, and send cryptocurrency without having to register for an account on any exchange.
    • Benefit from low-cost peer-to-peer transfers with service fees as low as 1% and a maximum of $5.
    • Enjoy zero service fees for all purchases made with cryptocurrency.

If that’s not enough, BlocPal is also one of the safest and most secure cryptocurrency platforms on the internet. Transactions are instant and guaranteed, leaving you protected from chargebacks that occur with other payment services. Moreover, BlocPal is fully compliant with Canadian and SEC regulations, and all participating merchants have been thoroughly vetted through a comprehensive KYC process. In other words, users get all the benefits of cryptocurrency without the risks associated with exchanges and other blockchain platforms.

Start using BlocPal today

Looking for a new way to manage your digital assets? BlocPal offers security, accessibility, and a fraction of the service fees. Visit the BlocPal website todayto learn more about how you can manage your money without any of the hassle. You can now download the BlocPal wallet on your Androidor iOS deviceand start managing your cryptocurrency more effectively.