Blockchain, For Everyone.

Discover the integrated payments solution that seamlessly brings together digital currencies and fiat currencies.

For both crypto & fiat
Low Transaction Fees
Blazingly Fast
Exchange, deposit & withdraw

Built for the Real World

Digital financial transactions are effective only when they're easily performed in everyday situations. With BlocPal you can buy a coffee or pay the rent, today.

Useful From Day 1

We believe using digital currencies should be easier, faster and more affordable than traditional financial systems. It wasn't, so we built it.

Trustworthy & Secure‚Äč

No other blockchain technology provides the same level of security, ease of use and convenience as BlocPal.

Transactions process instantly and are guaranteed
All merchants have been vetted through our integrated KYC process
Fully compliant security token (both Canadian and SEC regulations)
Our encrypted blockchain payload technology protects your privacy

Powerful Technology

BlocPal is the payment solution that credit cards should have been - powerful, convenient, secure and blazingly fast.