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Digital Payments
Branded Credit/ Debit Cards
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Domestic/ International Money Transfers
Air-time & Bill Payments
Micro Loans, Insurance, Savings
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Digital Wallet Solutions

The Ability to Service & Engage Your Customers

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White Label Branding

Your Brand, your Business

Build relationships with your existing and future customers with a custom digital wallet developed for you by BlocPal, offering easy digital payments, convenient ordering, engaged communication and rewarding loyalty programs. Digitally engage your customers like industry leaders Alibaba, Starbucks and Amazon.

BlocPal makes launching a digital wallet simple for any business. A 100% customizable white label wallet that integrates your business products and services seamlessly. Our fintech services will help you boost revenues, reduce transaction costs and engage your customers.

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Safe & Secure

We know protecting your customer’s transactions is absolute. Your white label digital wallet is blockchain enabled using advanced encryption algorithms to secure all transactions and personal data. User verification and authentication protcols are available for validating customer data and enabling use of financial products. We respect the privacy and confidentiality of your customers' data; it's your data, not ours.

Promotions, Notifications & More

Enhance communication with customers by providing them relevant and friendly information in real time, offering targeted promotions, messaging, alerts and push notifications by customer segments.

Integrated Solutions for your Apps

Do you have your own App? Want to build loyalty and keep users coming back for more? Looking to increase revenue per user and possibly introduce new revenue generating services?

Integrate our Fintech Services into your applications for direct or indirect monetization of your business offerings.

Build Loyalty & Revenue

Provide your customers with effective and relevant reasons to keep coming back to use your App.  Our Fintech solutions help you engage your customers more frequently to strengthen your digital relationships.  As you benefit from improved retention, our solutions also help you generate new revenue streams, access new customers and diversify your business.

Seamless integration into your App

HTTP-based REST API service

We make it easy for you to seamlessly integrate any of our digital solutions into your App with our Application Programming Interface (API) service.  Our team will strategize together with you to ensure your integration is successful and meets your objectives. We will source new services or provide custom solutions if necessary.  And, we will verify that the services we deliver with you are fully compliant to regulatory requirements.

Fintech Revenue Opportunities

The increasing consumer demand for digital financial services via mobile applications is your opportunity to build loyalty and add new revenue streams. Select from our suite of financial technology services provided together with our trusted partnerships, bringing innovative solutions in Fintech and banking.

Expand Your Offering & Market

Customers will appreciate the added value and convenience your application offers with our Fintech solutions. By enhancing your applications with new user-friendly financial features, you will not only increase retention but also digitally access new markets and acquire new customers.

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We continue to partner with the latest Fintech operators so you can stay relevant in today’s digital economy.

Mass Payments Distribution

Saving time and energy is the number one reason businesses use our digital wallet solution for mass payments. The convenience of using an automated solution that disburses mass payments to any number of individuals or vendors is paramount for operating in today’s digital economy.

Elevate Brand Value

Statistics show that mass payment recipients will most likely use Fintech solutions when available in a digital wallet. This elevates your brand with a lifestyle wallet application which multiplies a customer’s repetitive usage rate. Experience greater retention, new revenue streams, and positive brand value.

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Service Features

All of our mass payment services include these essential features for your members:

  • Choice of payment/withdrawal methods (ACH, Electronic Funds Transfer, Wire, PrePaid Card, eCheck)
  • Global financial network supporting 80 + currencies and 120 countries for payouts and withdrawals
  • Same-day processing and instant reconciliation
  • Advanced blockchain-based security to protect users
  • Performance tracking & reporting

Payment Process

BlocPal automates the entire payment process, but you maintain control of all of your transactions.

Dashboard provides transaction data for payees, internal tracking, accounting,
and analytical reports.
You initiate the mass payment process by uploading a payment file and verifying data points before confirming transfers.
Your users receive payments and select preferred payment/withdrawal method
(ACH, EFT, Wire, PrePaid Card, eCheck)

Service & Industry Types


Compliance and Reporting

We recognize the importance of a seamless integration with your business in addition to a seamless experience for your customers.   We work closely with our partners to provide you the tools necessary to support your digital services, track performance and comply with regulatory and organizational requirements.

Onboarding Customers

Performing know-your-customer (KYC) checks and adhering to anti-money-laundering (AML) compliance regulations is critical when providing financial services.  Our KYC protocol involves customer identification, registration, and document capturre services based on your security and compliance requirements. Our solutions are developed for customer ease and simplicity.


Dashboards and Reports

To help you achieve your goals and measure your progress along the way, we provide performance tracking and reporting with real-time dashboards. Create custom views for key performance indicators (KPIs), customer segmentation, and digital transactions to to guide your decisions and evaluate the success of reaching your targets.