Frequently Asked Questions

BPX Tokens

Is the BLOC token mineable?
Yes, POS & POW mining.

How many total BLOC tokens will be issued?
There will be a max supply of 1,111,111,111 BLOC tokens with a reserved supply of 95,862,778 tokens for each of the pre-ICO and ICO rounds.

What will happen to BLOC tokens that are not purchased ICO?
While typically excess coins in an ICO will be burned, in accordance with Securities laws, any excess BLOC tokens will remain in the company’s reserve fund.

Is BLOC a Security or Utility token?
We are proud to announce that BLOC is going to be filing compliantly as a Security Token.

Will There Be Liquidity of Funds?
To provide liquidity of funds for our BLOC holders, we will be raising additional financing for the token through the Summer and Fall of 2018 (as we complete the STO prospectus) at higher pricing. We do this to create liquidity for BLOC holders who want to sell by allocating a portion of the funds raised to buy back tokens for the company reserve. With the completion of the STO prospectus, tokens can be freely traded between BLOC holders based on satisfying the BC Securities Commission Transfer Agent requirements.

Why can’t I move my mined BPX into my wallet?
We will soon add the ability to load the external BPX address you created on the pool site into our wallet.  At the moment, the wallet only shows BPX addresses created in the wallet but we hope to see this resolved soon.