Strengthening the established Mycelium Wallet with financial and digital payments solutions

The Challenge

Mycelium has an active userbase of over 230,000 people across the world. These users transfer and store their crypto on their Mycelium Wallet, but cannot spend or use their cryptocurrency for everyday transactions. The process to convert cryptocurrency to fiat for everyday use is a long and cumbersome process that takes time. The process needs to be simplified for users to make cryptocurrency accessible for all kinds of transactions

The BlocPal Solution

BlocPal is empowering the Mycelium users to use their cryptocurrencies for a wide range of everyday transactions and financial services that rely on traditional fiat payment rails. Through BlocPal, Mycelium users can now order a physical or virtual pre-paid card and use the crypto currencies in their wallets to load the card.

Mycelium users can use the BlocPal enabled credit card to transact in person or online the same way they would with a traditional credit card. BlocPal is also enabling Mycelium users to use their Mycelium branded credit card for a variety of uses like transferring funds to other cards or airtime recharge and bill payments.

The Bottom Line

Mycelium is one of the most established blockchain brands operating today. With over 2.2 million downloads for the Mycelium Wallet on the Apple and Android App stores, the platform facilitates and sustains over 10 thousand transactions each day. Providing each user with more financial applications and access to traditional payment rails with their cryptocurrency enables BlocPal to showcase its value proposition on a global scale.

This strategic partnership with BlocPal helps us continue to scale as a global, consumer focused brand. By offering more options to use crypto together with traditional fiat payment transactions and bank cards, we are able to deliver a powerful, fully integrated experience to our users.
Alexander Kuzmin, CEO of Mycelium