Blockchain for Business.

The solution our industry has been clamoring for.

Discover the fully functional blockchain technology 
that is helping businesses around the world.

​The Future of Blockchain Is Here

We believe that mainstream adoption is the key to lasting value in the market. Our mission is to make this happen.

Receive gains in market value.
Total lifetime supply of 1,111,111,111 BPX tokens.
Pro Rata Royalty Payments of 33% of Blocpal's net profits.
Security Token Offering for Approved, Accredited Investors

BPX - A Powerful Token

Our easily mined token, based on the proven Bitcoin source code base, serves as the foundation of the entire BlocPal blockchain ecosystem.

A Rock Solid Project

The future of blockchain technology depends on its ability to improve the lives of people everywhere. BlocPal is the project poised to make that a reality.

Token Sales Chart

A Clear Vision Moving Forward

BlocPal is the payment solution that credit cards should have been - powerful, convenient, secure and blazingly fast.