Payments, Done Right.

Blazingly Fast, Incredibly
Affordable & Rock Solid Secure

Discover the integrated payments solution that seamlessly brings together digital currencies and fiat currencies.

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Payments Built For Business

The ironclad, no hassle payment platform that frees you to focus on growing your business.

Instant Authorization
no waiting on transactions
Guaranteed Settlement
no worries or chargebacks
Low Transaction Costs
1% with a maximum of $5
Fully Integrated
POS, E-Commerce, Crypto & Fiat

Payments You Can Trust

Our integrated dual signature technology allows us to guarantee every payment instantly. That's one less headache you need to worry about.

Payments Made Easy

Your customers pay in the currency of their choice, while you receive funds however you prefer. What could be easier?

Payments Done Right

BlocPal is the payment solution that credit cards should have been. Instead of leeching your profits, we increase your growth.

Robust Merchant Dashboard
Accept crypto without market risk
Easy account setup
Exciting merchant reward program