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BlocPal Company Update - December 2020

In this company update we share a synopsis of our 2020 and the key Partner milestones that we have achieved.

Vancouver, Canada
December 22, 2020

To our Valued Stakeholders, Friends & Family,

We are nearing the end of 2020, an unprecedented year that has endured never before seen global challenges for most businesses and individuals. However, through adversity and determination, we see fresh innovation and creativity driving powerful shifts in many industries.

Fintech was one of those industries forced to evolve quickly to meet the demands of the new digital landscape. Blockchain technology, mobile banking, and digital payments have seen incredible acceptance as a result of this growing demand, exceeding our expectations.

In just ten short months, this impact has changed the way we interact and do business. Digital connections are now the new normal. From video conferencing for work and school to contactless interactions using mobile payment and money transfer solutions. The consumer market is expanding quickly and BlocPal is well positioned to embrace the growth exponentially.

We are proud of our dedicated team and the accomplishments we have achieved at BlocPal throughout 2020. Officially, we have launched three large enterprise projects this year, increasing our presence in the digital marketplace.  We have hired key talent to add to our team, fulfilling our growth needs for this year and preparing for the anticipated growth of 2021.

We want to take this opportunity to sincerely thank our partners, shareholders, advisors, friends, and family for your belief in us and the vision we have at BlocPal as we look towards 2021 and beyond.

Wishing you and your family a safe and happy holiday season!

The BlocPal Team

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