BlocPal and iBank Digital Enter Strategic Partnership


VANCOUVER, BC / January 24, 2019 / Joint Press Release 

BlocPal International Inc. (“BlocPal”) and iBank Digital Asset L.P. (“iBank Digital”, “iBank Exchange”) announced today the signing of their strategic partnership. BlocPal will provide iBank Digital with crypto and fiat currency transaction processing services and iBank Digital will provide BlocPal with security token listing and investment banking advisory services.

“We are very excited to launch the iBank Exchange, powered by Huobi Cloud (“Huobi Cloud”), providing Canadian traders and cryptocurrency users access to Huobi Cloud’s unmatched safety, stability, and user experience in addition to opening new opportunities for new coin issuers who are looking for liquidity, a listing and access to the global capital markets”, commented Manie Eagar, Chairman of iBank Digital.

Mr. Eagar continued, “We are also very excited to integrate with BlocPal’s proprietary intellectual property and first-mover platform, which is designed to make blockchain and cryptocurrency transactions easier, safer and more efficient in the Canadian and worldwide transactional markets. We are also looking forward to listing Blocpal’s BPX Security Token, once all necessary approvals have been received from the Canadian regulators. The BPX Security Token will entitle all holders to receive a royalty payment equal to 33% of BlocPal’s net profits, in addition to potential increases in the token value.”

“We are fortunate to build a strategic partnership with iBank Digital, who we believe is perfectly positioned to help us list and provide liquidity for our BlocPal security token via their relationship with Huobi Cloud,” said BlocPal Chief Executive Officer Nick Mellios. “BlocPal has also gained a great business opportunity to provide its services to iBank Exchange. With BlocPal’s crypto and fiat processing solutions integrated together with Huobi Cloud, we expect iBank Exchange to become one of the leading crypto-fiat trading and lending solutions offered in Canada, generating significant transaction revenue for all parties.”

About iBank Digital Asset (“iBank Digital”)

iBank Digital Asset L.P. (“iBank”), based in Vancouver, Canada, is a world leader in the facilitation and underwriting of crypto trading supported by Huobi Cloud and lending through the first open decentralized global lending network. We connect financial institutions and high net worth clients, providing the most convenient, secure, and fast trading interfaces and systems and intuitive and efficient new trading platforms for our global digital currency users. We are committed to promoting the IOST network and Blockchain development towards the advancement of global communities.

About BlocPal International Inc. (“BlocPal”)

BlocPal provides an advanced FinTech digital payments infrastructure focused on bringing the significant benefits of blockchain and digital currencies to the mainstream. BlocPal’s mission is to provide a simpler, smarter and more secure way to transact with crypto and traditional currencies. BlocPal has designed the first ‘multi-currency, multi-fiat’ decentralized blockchain, using proprietary technology to simplify and secure payment processing. With extensive developer APIs, BlocPal’s ecosystem supports point-of-sale terminals, ecommerce sites and financial applications, enabling users, merchants and enterprise partners to easily and safely transact with crypto or international currencies. 

About Huobi Cloud

Huobi Cloud is owned by Huobi Group, the world’s leading blockchain company and one of world’s largest digital asset trading platforms. Established in 2013, Huobi Group’s accumulative turnover exceeds US $1 trillion. It proudly provides safe, secure, and convenient cryptocurrency trading and asset management services to millions of users in 130+ countries. “Bring more efficiency to finance and more freedom to wealth” is the mission of Huobi Group. It always follows the management theory of putting the customer first.

For further information, please contact:

iBank Digital
Fanny (Ly) Travis
Corporate Secretary 
Phone: 604-689-0618

Elan Amir
Director of Marketing

About the Author BlocPal Inc.

Alimin says January 31, 2019

Real good project,and innovative digital wallet which makes it easy for businesses and individuals to manage their digital assets

Zoltan says January 31, 2019

I just set up my wallet on my Android phone and can’t believe I can have cryptocurrency and fiat in the same digital wallet. I think this will gonna be crazy in the next years! 🙂

Anonymous says January 31, 2019

This says a lot about this project – very obvious from their wallet and the work going on at the moment that this project will be a success. Announcements like this confirm that!

Anonymous says January 30, 2019

É um projeto muito bom de grande futuro e que com certeza atingirá um sucesso enorme. Realmente os objetivos serão alcançados.

SHYAM RIYAS says January 29, 2019

Its is the most innovative and revolutionary project that ever came , it will ease the mode of payment and purchase

Nazmul Hasan says January 27, 2019

To me it’s a big project. Blocpal team is very good. It will go a long way. It will change our life. I see his bright future. This is a perfect project for crypto currency. I am very happy to participate in the project.

CryptoTips says January 27, 2019

Great news, this sector is all about good partnership between financial instruments.

somuch says January 27, 2019

Wow that was awesome had a big strategic partnership.

Honestly i just a few days here and do reseearch about blocpal finally am on final. Totally I pretty interesting to see how’s blocpal will going in the future

Best of luck blocpal keep my eye on this

Stanislav says January 26, 2019

this is not the first Tony project, I think that they are waiting for success

alexey says January 26, 2019

very convenient to use the wallet! and what’s more, you can even buy a cup of coffee !!! I think Bloopal has a good future. Join !!!

Roli says January 26, 2019

Pleased to read that BlocPal will build a strategic partnership with iBank Digital, that enables BlocPal’s users to benefit from Huobi Cloud’s.

Vladislav Karnaukh says January 26, 2019

This is awesome news, now its hard times for crypto and many projects are exit scam, so partnership with iBank Digital and Huobi Group are really strong evidence that BlockPal is here for long and seccessfull time!
Best wishes to the team and waiting more exited news from you!

nadja horrana says January 26, 2019

eu gosto muito dessas propostas ,acredito que terei muito sucesso eu tenho fé

Abrar says January 26, 2019

I wants to be a milionair in my life

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