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About Us & Our Mission

BlocPal believes in contributing to a financial world that is powered by everyone and open to everyone. We have developed a digital financial platform to empower consumers, merchants, and enterprise customers to communicate and transact in a more convenient, relevant and engaged way.  

We deliver innovative digital payment processing and fintech services to help enterprise partners reduce transaction costs, create new revenue streams and build more loyal relationships with their customers. BlocPal's blockchain has been designed as the backbone for securely and safely managing financial transactions on our platform while complying with financial regulations. With our suite of applications, BlocPal’s ecosystem supports a range of solutions for digital engagement with customers; including point-of-sale, e-commerce, white label enterprise solutions, loyalty rewards, financial network integrations and robust consumer digital wallets.

Experience Meets Innovation

BlocPal is helmed by a team of industry veterans with expertise spanning payment processing, regulatory compliance, enterprise B2B and consumer solutions and software encryption. Together, we’ve successfully processed over $60 billion in transactions—and counting.

We are headquartered at 409 Granville Street, Suite 520, Vancouver, BC with locations and teams stationed in:

  • Vancouver, Canada
  • Seattle, USA
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • Mumbai, India

Please contact us or call us at 1-866 BLOCPAL if you would like to learn more about BlocPal's enterprise solutions.