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Enterprise/Fintech Wallet Solutions

Our white label solutions and suite of applications will keep your customers engaged with your branded digital wallet.

Financial and premium consumer services offered on BlocPal’s digital transaction platform creates opportunity for new revenue streams.

Enterprise and fintech clients afford customers a digital wallet experience that is easy, fast, and rewarding.

Accept Crypto Payments at POS/eCommerce

Save over 50% in transaction fees compared to credit cards. Start accepting cryptocurrency payments at your business or eCommerce site with our free API Payment plugin that integrates into your existing terminal.  

Instant authorizations and instant settlements mean no chargebacks and no risk.  Payments are instantly converted to your local currency of choice like USD, CAD or 80 other fiats.

Blockchain Applications & Tokenized Assets

Accelerate your custom enterprise solutions or apps
to market with our proven blockchain digital platform. Each solution benefits from our scalability, transparency, and security. 

Tokenize (digitally sign) any asset, authenticate assets, or trade tokenized assets on the blockchain. Assets like securities, commodities, government identity, smart contracts, title ownership, supply chain, micro loans, loyalty rewards and so on.

The OneFeather wallet will make essential financial services readily available to Indigenous people. Services will include deposits/withdrawals of Canadian and US dollars, sending/receiving money, credit card access, and direct utilities payment and never before realized access to financial resources, capital, wealth and security. In addition, the wallet will integrate OneFeather’s existing digital services for Status Card renewal, soon to be released GST rebates solution and its flagship suite of digital governance solutions like electronic voting and community engagement...