Providing a one-stop shop to the Indigenous communities throughout Canada

The Challenge

First Nations Communities face several financial challenges with a large underserved / underbanked population. Outdated Federal government administration systems, settlement of funds, treaty payments, grants and tax refunds necessitates a strong case for change. There are approximately 1.7 million Indigenous people in Canada¹ alone with a strong need to make financial services accessible and affordable.

The BlocPal Solution

BlocPal has created a custom digital wallet app for our partner, OneFeather, to provide a one-stop-shop for members of the First Nations Communities. This app provides financial and money management services including pre-paid credit / debit cards, deposits / withdrawals, and mass payments to members. Furthermore, the wallet integrates OneFeather’s services like digital voting, First Nations Status Card renewal, and community engagement.

We continue to add new features to the OneFeather app like GST rebate tracking and submission, government distributions, micro-loans and bill payments; thereby driving a highly differentiated solution that delivers much-welcomed convenience to First Nations members.

The Bottom Line

A solution well timed. Thanks to BlocPal technology, the OneFeather wallet will include a digital rewards currency called the OneFeather token. The OneFeather token will be used to provide incentives based on wallet usage and create a generous program to give back directly to Indigenous people and their families. The OneFeather token will be the genesis of a truly Indigenous endowment – designed specifically for the benefit and wealth of individual Indigenous people that can be used, shared and managed directly from their OneFeather wallet. The new app will deliver solutions specific to Indigenous needs and help empower members of the broader community

OneFeather is very excited to be working with BlocPal. There are over 2.2 million Indigenous people in Canada alone – First Nations, Metis and Inuit peoples – and we are excited to impact the lives of indigenous peoples through their smartphone with easy access to these essential financial services. We believe today’s technology can empower and prosper our people, and this partnership with BlocPal is an excellent example of how we can accomplish this.
Lawrence Lewis, CEO OneFeather