Global Reach

BlocPal In Action

BlocPal is a live-technology company with operations in India, Mexico, Canada, U.S and parts of Europe. We are already serving over 110,000 merchants and providing affordable and accessible financial solutions to millions of consumers.

Providing affordable and accessible financial solutions in India

We operate an innovative retailer solution in partnership with mBnk that enables retailers to provide “mini-banking” services to consumers in India. Our platform leverages smartphones to provide advanced financial inclusion / banking services, money transfers, insurance, micro-loans, pre-paid credit / debit cards, air-time / bill payments, travel and assisted e-commerce.


Providing a one-stop shop to the Indigenous communities throughout Canada

BlocPal has created a custom digital wallet app for our partner, OneFeather, to provide a one-stop-shop for members of the First Nations Communities. This app provides financial and money management services including pre-paid credit / debit cards, deposits / withdrawals, and mass payments to members.


A digital payment solution for retailers in Mexico

We have expanded our merchant network into Mexico, in partnership with Grupo Movil Mexico to create a custom digital wallet that enables payments for airtime, utilities, and financial services, including pre-paid debit / credit cards, P2P transfers, cross border payments (ex. US – Mexico), insurance and micro-loans.


Strengthening the established Mycelium Wallet with financial and digital payments solutions

BlocPal provides Mycelium, who has an active global user-base of over 230,000 people, digital payment solutions including fiat & crypto powered prepaid debit / credit cards.