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Innovation, With Fintech

Build digital relationships with your customers.

Discover the fully functional platform that is helping businesses around the world.


Integrating Blockchain + Classic Payment Rails

Our Fintech platform provides custom white label and API solutions, enabling a new wave of digital opportunities for enterprise companies to transact with their customers, all from one app.
Engaging Communication And Loyalty Rewards & Tokens
Easy Digital Payments, Ordering And Convenience
Custom Banking Solutions For Underserved Or Target Markets

A Clear Vision For Growth

BlocPal's strategy is to grow by helping our partners be successful in their digital operations. We are careful to only sign agreements with qualified tier 1 enterprise partners that have already established a large customer base. We work closely with our partners to ensure a clear digital strategy is executed to convert and serve their customers effectively.  Please contact us to learn more about investment opportunities with BlocPal.


BPX - Join Our Team

Our easily mined security token, based on the proven Bitcoin source code base, serves as the foundation for BlocPal's digital ecosystem.

Receive gains in
market v​alue
Total lifetime supply of 1,111,111,111 BPX tokens
Royalty distribution
of 33% of Company's
Net Profits
Security token offering
for approved, accredited investors
Blazing fast, hardened
security and unwavering stability
Easy and convenient digital
payments solutions

A Rock Solid, Compliant Project

An experienced team delivering relevant Fintech solutions to enterprise partners and their customers. We want to help improve the lives of people everywhere.  

Transact with multiple currencies
or any tokenized assets
Enterprise grade
technology for global scalability

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