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BlocPal selects Securitize for Issuance and Management of mineable security token with dividend payments

BlocPal will Leverage Investor Onboarding, KYC/AML, Digital Transfer Agent, and Real-Time Cap Table Management Services from Securitize.

Mycelium partners with BlocPal to enable Crypto-Fiat solutions for next generation Mycelium Wallet

Mycelium has partnered with BlocPal to strengthen their offering of crypto-fiat features in their next generation Mycelium Wallet. The upgraded wallet will allow users to deposit BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, BSV, LTC and USDT to their wallet address and will also provide a virtual Mycelium credit card to users ...

First Nations can soon bank (without stepping foot in a bank) and renew status cards from home – staying safe and sovereign with the OneFeather Wallet APP.

The new app launching soon will deliver solutions specific to Indigenous needs, reconcile economic and social injustice, and lift our people up.

OneFeather and BlocPal to provide First Nations with never before available digital financial services.

OneFeather will launch a digital wallet serving BANDS ACROSS North America. The OneFeather wallet will make essential financial services readily available to Indigenous people. Services will include deposits/withdrawals of Canadian and US dollars...

Mike Edwards joins BlocPal as President, Global Sales

Edwards brings 30 years of chief executive experience in building service organizations in the point-of-sale and credit/finance industry (POS Industry). His strengths are in creating rapid growth opportunities and optimizing sales efforts. Mike is responsible for growing market share and revenues at BlocPal...

BlocPal and Tortooga to launch a digital wallet serving Grupo movil Mexico's 40 Million users

Tortooga will launch a digital wallet serving Grupo Movil Mexico’s 40 million users, powered by BlocPal’s technology

BlocPal and iBank Digital enter strategic partnership


Why we built BlocPal on top of Bitcoin architecture

Since its inception in 2017, BlocPal has been built with one key goal in mind: introducing the benefit of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to contemporary society.

How to set up your BlocPal Wallet

BlocPal is an innovative digital wallet which makes it easy for businesses and individuals to manage their digital assets.

How BlocPal resolves blockchain's chronic scalability problem.

Since its inception, cryptocurrency has been praised for its ability to quickly and securely send money to anyone, anywhere in the world....

Why BlocPal is the easiest way to get into cryptocurrency?

One of the biggest obstacles holding cryptocurrency back from being used in contemporary society is accessibility. While more businesses are beginning to accept currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum...

BlocPal presents Mainnet at World Crypto Con in Las Vegas

BlocPal to surpass 1000 transactions per second within a year thanks to its innovative new variable block size capacity and encrypted data payloads technology.