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Secret Passphrase - IMPORTANT!

Secret Passphrase
When you first create your BlocPal Account within the BlocPal Wallet App, you will be asked to create a "Secret Passphrase".

The Secret Passphrase is used to confirm any and all transactions, transfers, deposits, and withdrawals for your BlocPal Account. It is vital that you remember the Secret Passphrase you create and we recommend that you keep a record of the phrase somewhere safe and secure. The Secret Passphrase is an important security phrase that you are requested to keep safe as there is no possibility of recovering the phrase once you have entered and submitted it. If you have forgotten your passphrase you will not be able to access the funds within your BlocPal Account, meaning you will effectively lose any fiat and/or crypto currencies within your BlocPal Account.

NOTE: The Secret Passphrase is different from your BlocPal Account's Login password. You can always recover your Login password if its forgotten, but you can never recover your Secret Passphrase.